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Rock Band II (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii)

With Rock Band’s release in November of 2007, the world was exposed to a new kind of music game. Not only was it FUCKING AMAZING; it caused a heard of lazy gamers to get up off their asses and "work" at playing in a plastic band. Now Rock Band 2 has followed its predecessor’s lead and pushed the limit of BALLS OUT AWESOMENESS.

Rock Band 2 is two times everything! No longer must we wait for band mates to get their ass to your house. Now we can hook up via Xbox Live or PSN and Rock out with our cocks out.

The larger than life collection of Music that will no doubt satisfy...however if the 84 songs that ship on on the disc aren't enough you can also add the 56 from Rock Band 1! On top of that, there are more than 500 to download through the XBL and PSN!

Additionally the Rock Band series will be forever remembered due to the fact that it has brought one of the most legendary achievements ever to grace the PSN or XBL Communities. The "Endless Setlist" requires that you play every song on expert, without stopping! No bathroom breaks! Nothing but you your controller for 7-8 hours!

So, it all comes down to meat...and I'm giving this game a SPICY PEPERAMI! Get your wallet out because its time to Ride the Lightning!!! (or in our case, the BEEF WAVE)