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Army of Two (Xbox360)

Before I review this I’d just like to take the time to say, THIS GAME IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! So now that that's on the table, we can talk about why this game is godlike.

To start, when I picked this game up I was looking for something that had a well thought out co-op know for those man-on-man moments. Little did I know that Army of Two was just what the doctor had ordered.

This game is literally all about team work! (or in my case...use friend for target dummy) I quickly realized that without a partner to get your back, you're looking at you vs. a shit storm...and the storm is winning.

Everything you do throughout the campaign mode is about team work; whether it's lifting your partner to allow for him to get to a higher location or giving him a deep tissue massage after a long days work, you're very dependent on his skill.

I did however find that playing the game with an AI partner leaves a man yearning for more. Let's just say, the computer is a little bit of a slow poke when that aforementioned shit storm hits.

The game itself has some real high points. My personal favorite is the ability to ultimately customize guns. You can do everything, from adding a shield to making it diamond studded and gold. (The AI guy kept equipping the double sided salami attachment?)

This game is a good time, and you’ll have a good time, and whoever you play with will probably have a good time. All in all, it's a fatty ALL BEEF MORTADELLA!

-Gamer X