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Guitar Hero: Metallica (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii)

It’s very rare that a video game can bring its users to tears. However this is most certainly not the case with Guitar Hero: Metallica. This game is without a doubt the most badass Music Genre game on the market! Consisting of bands from System of a Down to Slayer and even Thin Lizzy, Guitar Hero: Metallica takes users to a state of mind where the destruction of any property whatsoever is not just acceptable, but encouraged!

The visuals and interfaces of Guitar Hero: Metallica are very similar to that of Guitar Hero: World Tour. You’ll find that the same character creation system returned along with the custom song option for those who get bored of the set list (WILL NOT HAPPEN!!). On the negative, you will see some songs that have already been released to prior music games (Both Guitar Hero and Rock Band). But they are at least some of the better songs; Enter Sandman, Battery, One, etc.

In conclusion Guitar Hero: Metallica is a game for the ages. It pays tribute to one of the world’s most renowned bands (I am completely biased on that statement) and the purchase playing of this game will feel as good as shooting roman candles out your car window. So I strongly recommend you go buy this game NOW!